My first book, "The Myofascial Syndrome Its Causes and Treatment" provides the knowledge for the Dentist by telling him or her what to look for when checking teeth for the Dental Triggers of MIGRAINE, while my second book helps the General Public to understand how these Dental Triggers of MIGRAINE cause the pain and suffering in both adults and children alike.  These two books complement each other because one is written by me the Dental professional, for professionals, and the other, also by me, is written to help you, a member of the General Public to understand how important it is to look at your teeth and the way that the upper and lower teeth fit together from the point of view of MIGRAINE elimination.

Oh no! You say to yourself, what is a DENTIST doing telling me that my child may be suffering from MIGRAINE?  After all if I have a MIGRAINE, I go to my Doctor, not to my Dentist for help.  Let me ask you a question:  Did your Doctor totally eliminate your MIGRAINE condition, or did he or she just prescribe pills and when pressed for an answer to the actual trigger of your MIGRAINE, admit that the Medical Profession does not actually know the cause?

 Until now, what do you do if you have a headache?  Where do you go for help?  You might take a mild pain killer, lie down in a darkened room with a cold , wet towel on  your face, and wait for the pain to go away.  Later you might begin to think about the food you ate (and not the problems you had in chewing it) and the activities that you engaged in (forgetting how tightly you clenched and unclenched your jaw muscles) to try to locate the trigger of your headache.  However, if you have a MIGRAINE instead of just an ordinary headache, you probably go to your Medical Doctor to get a prescription for a strong pain killer.  If your MIGRAINES occur weekly or daily, your Medical Doctor may suggest a complete check-up to rule out any physical causes for your headaches such as a tumour, cancer etc.  All the while the number and variety of pills may be increased in the search for something to turn off the pain.  It could be that you begin to experience side effects from those pills while  you still have your pain.  Now what do you do?  You continue to look for answers.  The avenue most often neglected, is the Dental one.   Read More ...  Go Back

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