Migraine Newsletters

Due to the number of inquiries relating to Migraine, and its causes and treatment I have begun a newsletter of useful information for Migraine sufferers and their families. 

Please select a Migraine Newsletter Issue Topic from the list below:

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  • Jaw Movements: In this issue I discuss the importance of a fully functional articulator, an essential instrument in accurately diagnosing the Dental Triggers of Migraine.

  • Tooth Interference: All the most frequently asked questions regarding Interference in an easy-to-read question and answer  format will be found in this newsletter.

  • You, Your Dentist, and Migraine: Answers to your questions about how you and your Dentist can work together to uncover your Migraine Triggers are discussed in this issue.

  • Migraine Triggers in Hiding: Who would think that your mouth could hide your Migraine Triggers. It's true! So, to find your hiding Migraine Triggers, you have to be a good detective.  Here are some clues to help you locate those areas that act as hiding places for your Migraine Triggers.


  • Muscles and Migraine: A muscle is like a city.  They both have basic needs, responsibilities and problems.  When those situations are being met, everything is fine.  However, when something happens to the supply lines of a city or of a muscle, then difficulties arise.  Find out how Migraine symptoms are triggered by blocked supply lines.

Stay tuned for Dr. BB's next issue!

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