Migraine Triggers in Hiding

Migraine Pain

Migraine Sufferer: I have a sPace in my lower jaw where I have lost one of my teeth. Should I replace that tooth?

Dr. BB: Your missing tooth leaves a sPace that Nature will try to fill. The tooth behind the missing one will begin to tilt forwards, the tooth in front of the sPace will begin to move backwards and towards the tongue, and the tooth above the sPace will begin to "grow" downwards.  All these changes can become Migraine Triggers.


Migraine Sufferer: Sometimes I get clicking sounds in my jAw.  What causes those noises?

Dr. BB: The noises are caused by the disc when the jAw develops a "Convenience Bite."  A "Convenience Bite" is the result of Interference that can force your jAw muscles to go into spasm.  This is  a Migraine Trigger.


Migraine Sufferer: On the inside or tongue-side of my upper teeth I can see some shIny parts. Why would that be?

Dr. BB: ShIny parts on the inside or tongue-side of your upper teeth mean that the teeth below are hitting those areas above rather than fitting together with them properly.  This constant hitting can act as a Migraine Trigger.


Migraine Sufferer:  I have a very seNsitive tooth that hurts me at the gum line when I touch it with my fingernail, cold air, apples or fruit juices.  Why is it so sore?

Dr. BB: A tooth that is seNsitive to cold, apples, fruit juice or the touch of your fingernail is a tooth that is being hit by another tooth when you chew or move your jaw while sleeping.  Teeth should fit together like fingers fitting inside a glove.  Teeth that hit rather than fit can act as Migraine Triggers.

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