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   We can think of Interference as a kind of a bump or rut in a road, an obstruction in the pathway that your lower teeth want to take across your upper teeth while you  sleep.  It is human nature to want to be comfortable when you travel along a road, so what do you do?  You regrade or smooth the road to fill in the ruts, and remove the high spots that are the bumps.  Your lower jaw tries to do this job for you.  It tries to do the "regrading" to smooth out the road along which it would like to travel.  If the  Interference between the teeth in the upper and lower jaws (arches) is severe, then the muscles of the lower jaw have too much work to do and may go into spasm.  This can cause the person to wake up with head pain.

     It is important to realize that when we chew, not only do we move our jaw up-and-down like that of a dog, but we also move our jaw sideways like that of a cow - the way Nature designed us to do. Another way to think of it is like two mill stones coming together to crush the wheat seeds into flour.  If there is a rough spot or some form of Interference on one or both of the stones, then the motion of the rotating wheels becomes lopsided or wobbly, and the job of  preparing the seeds to be made into flour becomes inefficient, so that some form of intervention to locate the problem area (Interference) and remove it must be carried out.

     A fully functional articulator mimics all your possible lower jaw movements.  Only when your Dentist accurately mounts your upper and lower models on such an articulator and manually checks the relationships of the teeth, can Interference, the Dental Trigger of Migraine, be found.  

    In my new book, "Migraine, The Causes and Treatment", I cover in more detail the 16 Dental Triggers of Migraine, while in my first book ,"The Myofascial Syndrome Its Causes and Treatment", I detail step-by-step directions for the Dentist to use to eliminate these Dental Triggers of Migraine.   Back to Beginning of Newsletter

     In my next newsletter, I will talk about the ways of locating Interference and the areas where it usually develops.


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